School Board Members:
Tony DeMasi                                   John Rice                                    Dean Shatney                                                   

School Board Student Representatives:


Board Reorganization   
  • Chairperson: Tony DeMasi
  • Vice Chairperson: Jon Rice
  • Board Member: Dean Shatney
  • Board Clerk:  Jon Rice
  • Minutes Clerk:  Karen Thompson
  • Asst. Treasurer:  Cathi Feeley
  • School Board Student Representatives: Hayley Ott and Shelby Ruggles 
  • Authorize Signature and Alternate for Payroll & Accounts Payable: Tony DeMasi
  • CNSU Representatives: Tony DeMasi, Jon Rice and Dean Shatney
  • LI Corporators:  Tony DeMasi, Jon Rice and Dean Shatney
  • Facilities Manager Representative: Marc Brown
  • Truant Officer: Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Newspaper of Record:  Caledonian Record
  • Monthly meetings to be the second Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. at the Burke Town School