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 October 25, 2018

Dear Parents of 8th Grade Students,

 I am writing to let you know about several upcoming high school admissions events.  St. Johnsbury Academy, Lyndon Institute, and the White Mountain School hold Open House events that require pre-registration.  Other area high schools welcome students and their families to contact them to schedule a visit.  Please find this information below and feel free to contact me with any questions.

High School


Contact Information

Lyndon Institute

Open House on Wed., 11/7 from 6:00-8:00 pm

Call 535-3700 or email:

St. Johnsbury Academy

Open House on Thurs., 11/1 beginning at 6:30 in Fuller Hall

Register online at:

(scroll down to Open House icon)

Stanstead College

No group event – contact to attend a Campus Visit Day (11/23, 12/7, or 1/21 from 8:30-1:30)

Call 819-876-2223 or email:

White Mountains Regional High School

No group event

Call 603-837-2528 to schedule visit

White Mountain School

Open House on Sun., 11/11 from 10-12:30. 

Register online at:, call 603-444-2928, X226, or email:

Danville High School

No group event

Call 802-684-2292 or email Simon Fisher at:

Arlington School

No group event

Contact Michelle Fox, Program Director at 748-4424

East Burke School

No group event

Contact Brandon Mazur at 626-8317 or email:

 Your child must apply to any high school that he/she is interested in attending; once they have applied, they will be on a mailing list for placement exams and other important events.  Once they have been accepted, you will need to complete several forms which can be found on the Kingdom East website. 


o   Enrollment Landing Page

§  High School Enrollment Forms

·      Residency Verification

·      High School Voucher 

Historically, L.I. and St. Johnsbury Academy have worked with us to schedule group shadow days.  I expect that we will do the same this year and that this will occur in late winter/early spring.  I will be in touch to let you know as we get closer to that time.  If your child is interested in visiting/shadowing at one of the other schools, you may contact them on your own; however, if you need assistance with this, please contact me.

 Sincerely yours,

Lauren Grader-Fox, School Counselor

(802) 467-1416

School Counseling Service

Lauren Grader-Fox

Lauren Grader-Fox is our full-time School Counselor. She has been at Burke Town School for 13 years.  Her time is split between teaching, counseling, and administrative responsibilities.  

  • Classroom guidance lessons are taught once/weekly for two of the four marking terms. Topics covered include personal safety, social skills, emotion management, conflict resolution, early career awareness, bullying and harassment prevention, and high school planning (for older students)  
  • Individual and small group counseling for students who are dealing with personal or interpersonal challenges and/or crises. She is also able to meet with families to discuss community resources.
  • Mrs. Grader-Fox is one of three designated employees at Burke Town School to receive, and investigate, allegations of bullying andharassment.
  • She is one of two coordinators of our Educational Support Team:  Every six weeks, grade level teams meet with student support services professionals to discuss student concerns and articulate targeted interventions to improve academic, behavioral and social/emotional performance.
  • Mrs. Grader-Fox is one of the Burke Town School's Section 504 coordinators
  • She is also the School Coordinator for PBIS 



Foster Care