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Interventionists, Coaches and Specialists

Special Educators:
  Lori Robinson
  Diane Barnett

Literacy Interventionists:

Math Interventionists:

School to Home Coordinator: Jo-Ann Golden
School Based Clinician: Lisa Higgins
Speech: Lisa Durstin, Michelle Laferriere, Cathie Wheeler
English as Second Language (E.S.L.): Annie Gibavic
Lara White, Kandi Greaves, Armine Oganesyan, Theresa Young, Grace Hoffman: CNSU Content Coaches assigned to Burke Town School

Supplemental Educational Services Approved Provider List for 2016-2017

3293 Burke Hollow Road

West Burke, Vermont 05871-8913

Phone: (802) 467-3385                                                                             

Fax: (802) 467-3323

January 4, 2016

Dear Parents / Guardians of Burke Town School Students:

     This is our second notice you are receiving regarding the Supplemental Education Services (SES) tutoring services.  Please read the following excerpt dated July 29, 2015 from Rebecca Holcombe, Vermont Secretary of Education:


      Under NCLB, this year, as in preceding years, we are required to make annual determinations. In the short run, once again, NCLB requires us to label nearly every school in the state as “Needing Improvement.” Given our consistent and strong performance on national and international assessments, I don’t know anyone who is spending too much time worrying about these labels anymore. We know they distract us from our important quality and equity goals. And, we know we can do better. Our commitment is to creating high quality and intellectually rich opportunities to learn, for each and every individual child. We have worked hard to advocate for appropriate uses of assessments, and to mitigate wherever possible any inappropriate uses. In this work, we are strengthened by our State Board of Education, which issued a powerful resolution on appropriate and inappropriate use of SBAC scores. In response, the Agency of Education requested a waiver from using SBAC scores to make accountability determinations as mandated by NCLB. The US ED granted this waiver for the current year, on the condition that we continue to make annual determinations based on other data.  In other words, this year’s SBAC test data will NOT be used for any consequential purposes but we are still required to report results and make determinations. This means only that we will continue business as usual for another year, effectively holding course in our shared status as “needing improvement.” This gives us a year to figure out what we can and can’t learn from SBAC scores. To us, the primary benefit of the scores is that they provide another data point for our conversation about the statewide gaps in achievement that we see for children who live in poverty, children with disabilities, children who are learning English, and children who are affected by historic or structural discrimination or inequities.


As a result of the US ED waiver conditions, our school is determined to be in “Corrective Actions” based upon the 2014-2015 school year. BTS is required to set aside an amount of our Title 1 grant funds to provide outside tutoring services for all BTS students who qualify for free or reduced lunch (students don’t have to actually accept free or reduced lunch, they need only be eligible).  

BTS offers our own tutoring at the school by certified teachers through our After School Program at no extra charge to families.  Research shows that tutoring combined with enrichment activities produced the best academic gains for students.  This is the combination offered through our After School Program and if you are interested in tutoring for your child, we highly recommend the After School Program tutoring.  To request After School tutoring, please contact my administrative assistant, Beth Amodeo.


   For those interested in the outside tutoring, please refer to the following information.


How Does My Child Qualify?

     All children who are eligible for free or reduced lunch qualify for supplemental tutoring services, regardless of whether they belong to a subgroup that performed poorly.  There is no obligation to enroll your child.  Should demand for tutoring exceed the monies we were required to set aside, priority will be given to the lowest performing students. 

How Do I Access These Services?

     If you are interested in accessing supplemental tutoring services, please contact the office to obtain a form entitled Notification of Intent to Access Supplemental Tutoring ServicesIf you intend to get supplemental tutoring services for your child, please fill out the form and return it to the school.  The school must receive this form no later than January 29, 2016 for you to access funds to pay for tutoring.  Notices received after January 29th cannot be honored.   Also, if you have not already done so, please fill out the application for free and reduced lunch that you received with the first day of school packet of important papers, even if you have no intention of accepting free or reduced lunch, and return it to the school.  This is how the district will determine whether your child meets the financial criteria to receive supplemental tutoring services.


     You will find a list of supplemental tutoring service providers at the following address Figure 1.  A hard copy can be supplied to you by contacting the school office.  You may select from any providers on the list, although some do not provide services in our area so keep that in mind.  You must record the provider contact information on the attached Notification of Intent to Access Supplemental Tutoring Services form.  The school will contact the provider to draft a contract and arrange for billing and payment. 


What Else Do I Need to Know?

     Tutoring services must be provided by a person or entity listed on the Vermont’s Approved Providers of Supplemental Educational Services For School Year 2015-2016 document.  The district is not allowed to pay for the services of tutors who do not appear on the list.  We are also not allowed to recommend a provider.  Once

 you notify us of your choice of provider, we will do the work required to enroll your child with that provider.   Tutoring services must be provided after or before school hours, during vacations, or on weekends.  This tutoring cannot happen during the school day, and may not be able to occur at the school.  Parents are responsible for providing transportation.

 If you have any questions or concerns about supplemental tutoring services please feel free to contact me at school and I will work with you to find the answers. 


 Stacy Rice