First Grade


We read two versions of the Three Billy Goats Gruff – one told by the goats and one told by the troll. To better understand the troll and his actions, feelings, and thoughts students became neurologists, cardiologists, and physical therapists. They performed surgery on the troll to focus their group discussion about the troll’s characteristics.

Katherine Scanlon


 My name is Katie Scanlon and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.  This will be my sixth year at Burke Town School.

             I grew up in a small town in Connecticut and ventured to Vermont 9 years ago. I have a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont and a Masters in Education: Curriculum and Instruction from Lyndon State College. I come from a large family and enjoy hiking, kayaking, writing, and playing with my dog Roxy.

             I am a firm believer that all students can be successful, independent learners with the guidance of a supportive classroom and school community. I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive community of learners for the students in my classroom. 


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