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 PreK-8th Grade Spanish                        

Carmenza Montague

Hola! My name is Carmenza Montague, the new Spanish teacher. I couldn’t be more excited to share with your children my beloved language and culture, we will surely have fun learning. Be ready to hear about ocarinas from Peru (an ancient flute made of clay), merengue (a popular dance from the Dominican Republic), el eclipse solar, burritos and guacamole, as well as the geography and history of Latin America and Spain. Don’t be surprised if the kids suddenly start speaking some Spanish at home too! As far as me, I am a native of Colombia with two children at Burke Town School who are bilingual, and a husband on the cloud (seriously! he is a web developer) who will soon feel the pressure to speed up his Spanish language acquisition. I love mountain biking, skiing, my flowers and garden, knitting, felting, sewing, music, fiestas (of course!—the more people the merrier), and will always be on the lookout for more things to learn.