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Meeting Minutes

Burke PTO Meeting Minutes

Burke PTO Meeting

December 4th - 6pm

Willey’s Restaurant

Attendance: Jared Wilkie, Charlotte Porcelli, Karri Willey, Peg Hale

Meeting was called to order by Charlotte, and seconded by Karri at 6:06 pm

Financials were not reviewed - working on a new system and a new Treasurer.

  • Ski Swap: We netted $8,501.74; total sales $22,560.44

    • Successful event, based on last year, we doubled our net from last year.

  • PTO Treasurer - Still looking for someone to assist in this role.

  • Ski Shop Update - Put into process a way to formalize the ski shop;  look into a separate non-profit; structure a process for weekends;

    • Can the 8th grade donate their time to help in the shop? Earn their field trip money? Help man the shop on the weekend?  Peg will follow up with LGF.

    • Jared will begin to keep slips to match the funds.

    • Gift of Funds -

      • Pay out in December 2017

      • Jared discussed revising the gift of funds that has traditionally been paid out to the PTO Member who assists with the ski shop.  Jared has asked a friend, Steve, to help during the weekends and on trips.

        • It was approved to gift both of them $550, which is $50 under the limit that would trigger any IRS reporting.

      • Jared will keep track of and produce a slip to cover the 17-18 Season expenses regarding the cost of plowing, phone, internet, and other miscellaneous expenses.

    • Jared spoke to the church above the shop, they are asking that we begin to pay fuel costs.  We need to look at our rental agreement to see what our $1000 covers per year.  

      • They would like to have 100 gallons of fuel paid for above the cost of our rent.  Do we agree with this?

    • Ski shop is running smoothly this year, on average, we are seeing $400 in sales on the weekend.  

      • Jared will begin keeping slips so that we can keep track of funds, it will be reviewed upon receipt and deposited into the account.

      • Stevie Parker needs to be paid the $50 - Invoice 1322

  • Charleston Wrap Fundraiser - Netted $4,200

    • Pick up went well and the fundraiser was seen as a success

Family Nights - Movie Nights

  • One Night a month?  January, February, March - Movies, Popcorn, Beverage?

  • Themed nights

    • Blow UP screen?

    • Projectors?

School Spirit Wear

  • Christmas order has been placed and should be ready within 2 weeks.

  • Look into sweatpants vs. cuffed sweatpants

  • Looking to create a Lookbook online that can be accessed for orders and supply.

Fundraisers for the Spring

  • Flowers - Clausens

  • High Mowing Seeds

  • Spring Themed Charleston Wrap

  • Tag Sale? Buy 2 parking spaces for $20

  • Box tops and Soup Labels? - Classroom Competition


  • Ski shop it’s own non-profit

  • Springtime Fundraisers

Next Meeting - January 8th at 6 pm at Willey’s - Bring a White Elephant Gift for a Yankee Swap.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:52 pm.

We will be kicking off 2018 on January 8th at 6 pm at Willey's.

We hope to see some new faces there!

Thank you.

BPTO meeting minutes 9.18.17