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Meeting Minutes

Burke PTO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 4, 2016 Burke Community Center

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm.
Attending: Sarah Foster, Julie Hinman, Julie Guerette, Disa Clarner, Carmenza Montague, Chris

Emmons, Peg Hale, Jared Wilke, Lauren Grader-Fox, Charlotte Porcelli

Minutes from previous meeting were deferred until next meeting pending review.

Financial Report was reviewed.

  • Monies received Ski shop sales,

  • Monies paid Winter Sports program and rentals

  • Motion to approve report by Peg Hale; motion seconded by Chris Emmons

    Current Business:


o High Mowing Seeds Carmenza Montague successful; see event report o Ski Shop successful year; shop now closed for season

  • ▪  New equipment has been picked up and Jared reviewed summer plans for organization

  • ▪  Motion made to reimburse Jared $183.84 for cell phone reimbursement by Peg Hale. Motion

    seconded by Julie Guerrette. All in favor.

o Scholastic Book Fair (March even with one 15/16/17) Julie Guerette

Parent Teacher 

Went well day less due to snow day.
Thank you received from West Burke Library (both East Burke and West Burke Libraries were given voucher from book fair to add to their inventory)
Students could choose a book with help through Parents Involvement Grant
Ideas for next year

  • Book it with Pizza Hut

  • Activity/promotion to help encourage summer reading
    Karri Willy organized
    Food was well received
    Noticed a lot of unused coffee in canisters
    in teacher’s break room. PTO will go back to supplying K-cups for ease of use and variety

Upcoming Events:
o Spring Flower Fundraiser (May 1 -17; delivery May 24/25)

Peg creating order form

Herbs, Hanging baskets, violets; no flats o Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1-5)
Ideas and plans brainstormed

o School-wide Reward
Last year we had voted to help fund a trip to Jay Peak Water Park, but grants were obtained

for class trips. We would like to help again this year. Julie will talk to Stacy to check on feasibility. If Stacy agrees, motion to move forward with funding by Peg Hale, Motion seconded by Chris Emmons

Nominations for officers:

  • -  Discussion about who is interested in Officer Positions and best able to carry out responsibilities

  • -  Discussed possibility of creating co-positions/role sharing or a “leadership team”

  • -  In lieu of time, decision to table discussion until next meeting

    New Business:
    Peg Hale Can we implement this for the fall and have them available with clothing and fall festival

    Meeting adjourned at 745 pm.
    Next Meeting
    Tuesday, May 9, 6 pm at the Burke Community Center, 212 School St, West Burke, VT 05871