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Meeting Minutes

Burke PTO Meeting Minutes

February 12th - PTO Meeting

In attendance: Charlotte, Lauren, Karri, Jackie, Peg, Alyssa, Jade, and Julie

Meeting called to order 6:05 pm

Review of the Financials - Charlotte is taking our financials and organizing them monthly vs. annually so that we can look at the snapshot of each.

Winter Programs

Thoughts on potential additions to the program:

- $50 per hour - lifeguard 1per25, an additional lifeguard is $15.

 Chaperones needed in the locker rooms
 Same bus as Skaters?

Lauren brought up that the Winter Programs were intended to expose students to winter activities, this being the case, can we look into doing Spring Programs?? Aquatics Program? Can this take over a Gym Class? Or after school program?

Springtime FREE Family Night - Easter Theme
- Friday, March 23rd at 6 pm

- Popcorn (Peg), Movie (Peg)

- Borrow projector and Screen from school

- Email Marc and Stacy to confirm the date



Claussen’s Green House - Spring Fundraiser

- Baskets for Mother’s Day -  Delivering before Memorial Day 
- Baskets, Herbs, Flowers
- Generate Forms off of the 2018 options from Claussen’s and then roll out to meet the delivering deadline - Memorial Day

Financial Review - Charlotte

- New Google Forms 
- Breaking out Sections
- Check Request Forms - Required for payments of any types.
- Itemized request form. 

New Fundraiser

ideas suggested for future years:


 Bingo / Silent Auction Night

  - Keep the conversation moving forward

 Ski Swap - Look at getting more % back

    - Adding Roger to the Ski and Swap (Julie H)

 The THAW - Calendar 

    - Keep the conversation moving forward

 Dinner Cruise Raffle or Weekend at Jay Peak
 Tag Sale
 Coupon Books / Panther Card
 Gift Card sales - December next year

Other Business
- Year-End Field Trips

 - Grade 3 request for $300 for Montshire. The request was presented by Peg - there was a 

Motion to approve made Jade, and a second from Julie.  - All in favor - by the majority (Peg and Jackie abstained as our children are in 3rd grade).  This motion was passed and approved.

- Discussion regarding the end of the year field trips - Standard fare is $300 per class. 

We would like to have each request come with a letter regarding how the money will be spent, a breakdown of costs, and when the trip will be occurring.


- Officer discussion:

The current offers of the Burke Town School PTO are Peg Hale, Julie Hinman, and Charlotte Porcelli as voted on during the June 2017 PTO Meeting . Charlotte is currently the Treasurer of the PTO, Peg Hale and Julie Hinman are the current Officers of PTO and will be the new signers on the account at PSB.

- Winter Carnival 2018

Monday – BTS Pride Day; Tuesday – Twin Day; Wednesday – Wacky Day; Thursday – Throwback; and Friday – Cartoon / Celebrity Day
Would PTO pay for ice cream during Winter Carnival Day - approximately $100.00
Motion to approve was made by Peg, it was seconded by Julie.  All in favor – Approved


- One Burke Update

 As of July 1st we will be one unified school district.  Alyssa was providing us a very detailed summary of the progress. I have asked her to write up a brief summary so that it can be shared to our PTO community.

Meeting was adjourned by Julie H at 7:01


Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 12th at 6 pm at the View Pub at Burke Mtn