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Meeting Minutes

Burke PTO Meeting Minutes

xApril 23rd - PTO Meeting

- Peg Hale
- Charlotte Porcelli 
- Julie Hinman
- Troy Lund
- Jackie Zaun

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm at the View Pub at the Burke Mtn Hotel.

What is on the agenda?

L. Vinton - Screenagers
 - PTO will be hosting the movie and funding it with $650.
- BTS will be hosting an evening and having a pasta supper - Thursday, May 3rd, Dinner from 5:30 to 6:30 and the movie from 6:30 to 7:30
- Screenagers dives deep into how technology impacts kid's development and the challenges of parenting in the digital world where parents must compete with video games, texting addiction, and social media.

Claussen’s Fundraiser
 - We will be rolling out the spring fundraiser on Monday 4/30.  All forms will be due back no later than May 11th with delivery on the 25th of May.  We will be sending this information home with students and will email it out as well.
 - On the list to be sold:
   - 4.5” Herbs $7
   - 4” African Violet $7
   - 4.5” Flowering Annuals $7
   - 4.5” Zonal Geraniums $7
   - 6” Perennials $10
   - 8” Perennials $20
   - Hanging Baskets $25

Teacher Appreciation Week - May 7th to the 11th
 - We have planned out the week, but have removed the week's plans from the minutes.

Burke Bike Swap - the 8th-grade fundraiser 
- What is needed from the PTO? They will be borrowing our square.
- Morgan - Do you have a backup plan for internet within the arena?

Money Report
- The nonprofit tax form was completed for 2017, as the PTO does not gross more than $50k in income with a fiscal years time, the only form that was needed was completed and submitted on time.
- We currently have a very positive checking account. 

Other Business:

- Google Survey - Teachers and Staff (be on the lookout)

- We are at the point where we need to begin voting in new officers for the 2018-2019 school year.  This past year it was voted on to have 3 acting members of a leadership committee, each year one member would rotate off and one new member rotate on.  We are in search for one new member as Julie Hinman will be rotating off of the Leadership Committee.  If you are interested in joining please let us know!

- BTO Spirit Wear? Should we have a push for the end of the year?

- Teachers - be sure to get your field trip request forms in.  We are excited to hear where our students will be going this year.

- 6th and 7th grade have requested to have a combination year-end field trip to Fairbanks Museum - This request is for $300 for each grade, for a total of $600. The cost of admission is $390 for the 39 students. We are not sure of the cost of the transportation for the students. 
          - Jackie makes a motion to approve to approve $390 to go towards the cost of admissions, if the cost of transportation is also requested, the 6th and 7th-grade class can use up to $210 to assist ONLY in transportation costs.
            It was seconded by Charlotte. All were in favor of the motion.

- Kingdom Sense of Place, what is needed from the PTO? Is Jen D. The contact?

- Overview of next year and what we will be planning.
 - Fall Festival - September 28th, 2018
 - Ski Swap - October 27th and October 28th
 - Charleston Wrap - Kick off  September 21, 2018, with it ending on the 5th of October.
 - Burke “Panther” Calendar Fundraiser - Possibly of Feb. 2019 - Jess Angel 
 - Square One - Carol, Fall - 2018

Meeting adjourned at 6:53 pm

 Next meeting is Monday, May 14th at 6 pm at the View Pub at the Burke Mtn Hotel (this will be our last meeting of the year - be sure to show up)