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Meeting Minutes

Burke PTO Meeting Minutes

May 22nd - PTO Meeting Minutes

Julie H., Charlotte P., Jackie Z., Karri W., Kirsten N., Peg H., Jade P.

Meeting was called to order at 6:04pm at the View Pub.

Here is what will be on the Agenda.

 - Financials (Charlotte)

    - 2018-2019 Budget to be set over the summer

        - How much we are willing to

to KSOP, School Trips,
and Winter Activities
   - Need to identify what the common expenses are year to year so that we know they are coming up.  
​ ​
- Working with the Burke Bike Swap, the PTO was able to provide the swap with our square so that they could run credit card charges.  


PTO would like to work towards the ability to fundraise for the year ahead.  Currently, the money fundraised in 2017-2018 is used for activities in 2017-2018.  We would like to build up a reserve so that the fundraising we do in 2017-2018 goes to the programs and activities in 2018-2019

 - Screenagers (L. Vinton follow up)

     - 15 families in attendance

     - BTS does not own the movie, but she was able to show the movie to the middle school.

 - Claussen’s Fundraiser - The estimated profit this year is $2,000 +/-
 - Teacher Appreciation Week - May 7th to the 11th

     - Thoughts on the week

           - FOOD FOOD FOOD

           - School Supplies?  What would teachers need? Wish list for the teachers?

Other Business:

- Google Survey - Teachers and Staff - Review Results (12 responses out of 55 requested)

    - Outcomes / Requests:


- PTO presence at Staff Meetings - Mondays at 3:30 pm


Would like to see more ways to work together on an evening, ie. math night or truck or treat events
           - School Supplies during Teacher Appreciation Week vs. snacks
           - Zip UPs, Water Bottles and Cotton V-Necks for Spirit Wear (will look into for Fall Festival)

- New Leadership Nomination for 2018-2019 

   - Julie H

 will be leaving the leadership committee, but continuing to help with Fundraisers

   - Jackie Zaun - Peg Hale nominated Jackie, it was seconded by Charlotte - All in favor

, Jackie is our newest member of the leadership committee
  - Your 2018-2019 PTO Leadership Committee will be Charlotte P., Peg H. and Jackie Z.

- BTO Spirit Wear? Should we have a push for the end of the year?

   - Student Showcase - June 6th 5-6:30 pm (Karri - Jade)

​  - We will have a table during Student Showcase Evening for any last minute Spirit Wear Purchases


- Budget for 2018-2019

  - How funds are requested from teachers

​ and school events - 2 months notice​

  - Maximum funds spent on events


        - Based on fundraising for 2018-2019

        - When funding Events, how early do requests need to come and how they are approved.

- Overview of next year and what we will be planning.

 - Fall Festival - September 28th, 2018 - Email Chris regarding a spot

 - MUM’s September - before the Fall Festival 

 - Square One - Carol, Fall - 2018

 - Ski Swap - October 27th and October 28th

​ - request to change the date to November​

 - Charleston Wrap - Kick off  September 21, 2018, with it ending on the 5th of October.

 - Burke “Panther” Calendar Fundraiser - Possibly of Feb. 2019



Meeting Adjourned- 6:50pm