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Meeting Minutes

Burke PTO Meeting Minutes

Please find the meeting minutes from the September 11th meeting below:



September 11th 6pm

In Attendance- Stacy Rice, Charlotte Porrcelli, Peg Hale, Jackie Zaun, Troy Lund, Lauren Grader-Fox, Julie Hinman, Jade Parnaby

Open the Meeting at 6:08pm

Financial Report - Charlotte. We currently have a positive value in our account. As we have a hard starting point to kick the year off. It was asked why the PTO has a CD, we currently have the CD as a “rainy day fund”.

Mum Fundraiser - First week of School
 It is due back on Wednesday, the 12th.  Julie will be counting the orders this weekend and having Charlotte help her balance the order.
 The teachers would like to be included in the emails regarding fundraisers.
 They will be delivered on the 20th of September.  Julie has volunteers lined up to help unload the shipment.

Fall Foliage Fest - September 29th
 Booth with PTO information - Booth #71

7:30 - 9:30 - Charlotte and Troy

9:30 - 11:30 - Jade and Julie
11:30 - 1:30 - Peg, Tiffany
1:30 - 3:30 - Peg, ______
- Spirit Wear Kick Off - Order forms will be available as well as current stock of goods.
- Discount Mugs.com
- Water bottles for school. 16oz for the kids - 99 Students (K-4) 220 total in the school; 24oz to sell
- Pompom Hats - Look at Panthers Logo
 Parade - Life on the Farm
 (A. Weirsburg) Counsel of Students and the after school program
 Lauren GF will be checking with individuals, if it is a go, Contact Dan Tanner.
 Charlotte is checking on insurance.

Square One - Fall 2018
- Carol Mason - Kick off kit is HERE
 Julie H and Charlotte-Will be billing to assist in separating the order, other interested parties please let us know.

Charleston Wrap - September 21, 2018 End October 5, 2018
 Julie is waiting for the package to arrive.

Truck or Treat - October 26th
Rain Date, if needed
- Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for the best trunks - Have the volunteer fire fighters judge the trunks.
 Signup sheet for a space (Google form)
 Ask the Fire Trucks East and West Burke and police to come and set up?
 Cotton Candy or Popcorn in the PTO trunk

Other Business

Lauren Grader Fox
 Pump Track: Looking for funding to help build a pump track at the school. Total project is $2,000.
 Put a trifold on the table at the fall festival with a donation jar.
 Penny Wars
 Part of Specialized Bike Grant, equalized opportunity for all
 We would be willing to help, looking for other funding before the PTO puts in based on our budget. 

Monday Meetings with Teachers and Staff
 Are you interested in having a PTO Member present to discuss what is happening with the PTO
 Stacy - Principal Advisories Committees? 2nd Monday of the Month. 

Stacy Rice- Update: 
Facility Expansion includes - 7.8million estimate
Would be where the current Middle building down to the ground.
- Gym
- 6 Middle school classrooms
- Maker space
- Green Roof
School board will be discussing this through its needs assessment report moving forward. The project was moving along smoothly, until the next meeting, that will potential stop the build. This will push the build back 4 years, 2 for development and 2 for construction.

- Stacy has been very pleased with the quality of the fundraisers, keep up the good work.

Follow up:
 Schedule a meeting with Stacy regarding the PTO Budget and how we work together. 

 Signage for the school - Digital One, some sort of sign that can be changed. 

Julie H, second by Jade to adjourn the meeting at 7:08pm.


Our next meeting is schedule for October 9th at 6pm at the View Pub - Vertical 13 Room.

On the agenda for the next meeting:

Mum Fundraiser - 
Report out - Julie H.

Fall Foliage Fest - September 28th
Report out

Square One - Fall 2018

- Report out (C. Mason)

Charleston Wrap - September 21, 2018 End October 5, 2018

Report out Julie H.

Truck or Treat - October 26th - HALLOWEEN THEME
- What is needed to move this event forward

- Sign UPs

- Follow up

   - Fire Department

   - Police Department

   - Ambulance

   - Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

Ski Swap - Consignment 10/27, Sale 10/28

 - Planning stages

 - Location

 - West Burke Ski Shop Gear

 - Village Sport Shop

 - East Burke Sport Shop

 - Mtn

 - Raffle

 - Spirit Wear

 - Skida

 - Flow of traffic

 - Forms

 - Other