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Meeting Agenda

Welcome Burke Panther Families! 

We apologize for canceling the meeting on such short notice, work schedules have interrupted the week.  

We have rescheduled the meeting for Monday, April 23rd, at 6pm at View Pub at the Burke Mtn Hotel.

What is on the agenda?

L. Vinton - Screenagers
 - PTO will be
the movie and funding it with $650.
- More information will be available at the next meeting.

Claussen’s Fundraiser
 - We will be rolling out the spring fundraiser on 4/30.  All forms will be due back no later than May 11th with delivery on the 25th of May.  We will be sending this information home with students and will email it out as well.
 - On the list to be sold:
   - 4.5” Herbs $7
   - 4” African Violet $7
   - 4.5” Flowering Annuals $7
   - 4.5” Zonal Geraniums $7
   - 6” Perennials $10
   - 8” Perennials $20
   - Hanging Baskets $25

Teacher Appreciation Week - May 7th to the 11th
 - What could we do for this week?
   - Monday -
   - Tuesday - 
   - Wednesday
   - Thursday
   - Friday - Aunt Dee Dee’s
 - Bring your ideas to the table - Pinterest finds?  

Burke Bike Swap - 8th-grade fundraiser 
- What is needed from the PTO

Other Business:

- We are at the point where we need to begin voting in new officers for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you are interested in spot be sure to come up.

- Teachers - be sure to get your field trip request forms in.  We are excited to hear where our students will be going this year.

- Kingdom Sense of Place, what is needed from the PTO.

- Over view of next year and what we will be planning.
 - Fall Festival
 - Ski Swap
 - Charleston Wrap
 - Burke “Panther” Calendar Fundraiser
 - Square One
- Mrs. Moore - Are we interested in doing this for 2018-2019?

Hope to see you on the 23rd.  

Thank you