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Kingdom Afterschool offers programs to K-8th grade students at each CNSU school. The programs are largely funded by a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant awarded by the VT Agency of Education to support high quality academic, enrichment, and youth development activities in a safe, structured environment. KEAP also receives support from local school budgets, CNSU Title I Consolidated Federal Program dollars, and fees charged to families. Activities and clubs are planned to enhance and extend the school day curriculum while providing choices and fun, hands-on learning activities for students.


Enrichment Choices

      Are organized in five sessions throughout the year; each session is 4-8 weeks long;

      A new calendar of activities is offered each session;

       Activities and clubs are taught by school day teachers, KEAP staff, and guest instructors;

      Include a wide variety of programs based on core subjects (literacy, math, science, history, geography) as well as fitness and health, the arts and recreation.


Homework Help and Individual Tutoring

      All sites provide a daily structured time for students to work on homework and receive help as needed;

      Students who are referred by their classroom teacher can receive individual or small group tutoring from a teacher arranged by KEAP for no additional charge;

       Students who have finished their homework or don’t have assigned homework participate in academic games or projects.


Daily Schedule

The schedule may vary occasionally due to special events or field trips. Please refer to the KEAP calendar with description of activities at your school. Copies are available from your KEAP Site Coordinator or school office. The following is a typical day for KEAP sites:

            2:55 pm           School dismissal

            2:55 – 3:25      Snack/physical activity/social time

            3:25 – 4:25      Enrichment activity

            4:25 – 5:15      Homework/academic activity

            5:15 pm           Parent pick-up


NEW!  KEAP will be open from 12:10-5:15pm on five of the designated early release Wednesdays:

Oct. 18, 2017, Nov. 15, 2017, Dec. 13, 2017, Feb. 7, 2018 & Apr. 25, 2018 (not Sept. 20, 2017).


Student Dismissal and Parent Pick up


      When school is dismissed, students staying for Afterschool are sent to a designated location in the school (cafeteria, classrooms or multipurpose room).

      Afterschool will close at 5:15 at all sites.  Parents and other persons authorized to pick up children need to pick up children promptly at 5:15 p.m.  Parents who are repeatedly late in picking up their children will not be able to continue to send their children to the CNSU Afterschool Program.

       Required sign out for your child:  The parent/guardian and all persons authorized by the parent/guardian to pick up their child from Afterschool must sign the child out on the form maintained by afterschool staff.  Students will be released to authorized persons only.  If staff doesn’t know the person picking up, the individual will be asked to show a photo ID to confirm their identity.  If a parent/guardian wishes to add another driver to the authorized student pick up list during the course of the school year, they will need to sign and date another form listing drivers authorized to pick up their child.

      Parents/guardians are required to sign the following release as part of the Kingdom Afterschool registration process:  “By my signature below, I understand that I waive the right to hold the school/CNSU Kingdom Afterschool Program responsible for the actions of the authorized drivers listed below”.



Communication with Parent/Guardians


Parent/Guardian Freedom of Access:  Our Parent/Guardian Freedom Access Policy encourages parents/guardians to view their children at any time during afterschool hours.  Volunteers who participate in the program more than three times will need to have a criminal record check completed to help ensure student safety.  If you would like more information, please contact Anne Hatch, KEAP Director, at 626-6100, Ext. 215.


Parent/Afterschool Staff Conferences:  We will be happy to discuss issues regarding your child’s participation in our program.  We prefer prior notice so we can be sure to have sufficient time to talk with you.  While the Afterschool Programs are being offered, staff cannot stop an activity with children to meet for an individual conference.  Please schedule your conference ahead of time so we can plan for adequate staff coverage.


How do I handle concerns about the care and supervision of my child(ren)?  The KEAP staff is committed to helping students improve their academic and social skills.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the program or your child’s experience in the program, please talk with your afterschool site coordinator as soon as possible.  When you bring your concerns to the afterschool Site Coordinator, take a few moments to reflect on the situation:

      Explain what your concern is;

       Ask the Site Coordinator to explain what happened by describing the situation;

      If possible, offer to work with the Afterschool Program to correct the problem.


If you feel the problem hasn’t been resolved, call the KEAP Director, Anne Hatch, to discuss your concerns (802-626-6100, Ext. 215).


Kingdom Afterschool Student Behavior Guidelines and Discipline


The KEAP sites follow the student conduct and discipline policies in effect at the school where the site is located.  Information regarding behavior expectations, student responsibilities, and discipline procedures is available from your child’s school.

In general, it is the responsibility of each student to contribute to a safe and productive learning environment by demonstrating respect and consideration for fellow students and adults.  This includes complying with all policies and rules of conduct for the school district and individual classrooms.  Please make sure your child does not bring toys and personal items to Afterschool. We appreciate your cooperation in helping staff maintain a conflict free environment.


Positive Interventions:  Helping Students Make Good Choices


KEAP staff believes that all children want to do the best they can in the Afterschool Program.  Staff use proactive language to support and encourage students and maintain a safe and positive learning environment.


Like the school day, students are expected to show:

       Respect for self;

      Respect for others;

      Respect for property.


Sometimes children have a behavior plan during the school day developed to address specific student needs.  Please let your Site Coordinator know if the school has implemented a plan for your child so we can extend that plan during the Afterschool Program.  KEAP is an extension of the school day and staff coordinate whenever possible with school day staff.







Strategies Used in Guiding Student Behavior


      Reinforcing Statements:  Staff let students know they are seeing the desired behavior previously taught to students – “I’m noticing that most of you are lined up and ready to go outdoors.”

      Reminding Statements:  Reminds children of the rule they already know – “What can you do to make it feel safe and friendly as we line up for outdoors?”

      Redirecting Statements:  Used when the student behavior is inappropriate; firm and non-negotiable – “It’s time to line up now.”


Take A Break (time away from the group):  When the student does not respond to reminders or redirection from staff and their behavior is starting to make it difficult for adults to teach and students to learn, they will be instructed to take a short break.  Time away from the group gives the student an opportunity to calm down and gain self-control so they can rejoin the group.  Depending on individual circumstances, students may also lose a privilege or participate in reparation or “fixing the problem.”  Students who require repeated use of time away due to inappropriate behavior will be directed to meet with the afterschool Site Coordinator for a short conference focused on developing a behavior contract.


The following behaviors require that the parent be called to pick up their child:

      Child willfully hurts another child;

      Child is physically aggressive with afterschool staff or other adults;

      Child leaves the group to wander the building and refuses to return to the group;

      Child is non-compliant or leaves the group during a field trip; child will go home immediately or will not be invited to attend the next field trip.


Responding to Complaints of Bullying, Harassment, Hazing


KEAP sites follow the Bullying, Harassment, and Hazing policies in effect at the school where the site is located. Please contact the principal’s office at your school to receive a copy of the school handbook or policy. KEAP staff will work promptly and effectively to address all complaints following the procedures outlined in the school or SU policy. Any student, parent/guardian, or staff member may report bullying, harassment or hazing to the Designated staff member as posted at the school.


Reporting complaints: KEAP staff will take the following steps regarding student bullying, harassment, and hazing behavior:

       “any school employee who witnesses, overhears or directly receives information about conduct that s/he reasonably believes might constitute hazing, harassment and/or bullying shall take reasonable action to stop the conduct and to prevent its recurrence;”

      staff “shall immediately report the information to a Designated employee;”

      staff “shall immediately complete a Student Conduct Form;”

      the KEAP Site Coordinator will immediately notify the KEAP Director and school principal.



If you have any further questions, please contact your school’s Site Coordinator or

call the KEAP Director, Anne Hatch: 802-626-6100, Ext. 215